About what to do and bring for a CFB Bridesmaids in Studio Consultation

Where to find the CFB Studio:

You will find us at 22 Dickens Street, as you head into Richmond Hill.
– On Cape Road, driving from 5 Ways towards Russell Road,
– Take the first left after the 5 Ways intersection into Dickens Street,
– Cross the traffic circle and follow the road to the end, 
– You will find us on the left just before Dickens joins Zareba Street
– Look for a blue house on the left!

How long is our appointment?

Our appointment is half an hour long, so please ask all the girls to arrive on time so we can get going and include everyone that will be attending.

Who should attend the consultation?

You, the Bride – of course! And whichever of the bridal party girls are in town and able to attend. Of course, Moms are welcome, but we do suggest limiting your group to as few extra family members as possible as it can cause so much debate and sometimes be overwhelming for the bride.


Please ask the girls to bring their heels with them if they are planning to wear heels on the day.


We will measure the girls at the end of our consultation.  Your measurements will then be slotted into the closest corresponding size from our standard patterns. (For custom sizing and fits please chat to us during the consultation!) Any of the local girls who are unable to be there at the consultation can pop in at the Studio for measuring during our weekly allocated “measuring hour” times which are set up two days per week each week, Mondays to Thursdays, within the hours of 9am – 4.30pm. It usually takes only a few minutes so can easily be done during a lunch break! Please remember to bring your heels!

What about my out of town bridesmaids?

Should any of your special girls be out of town, or overseas, and unable to come in to be measured, we will email you a “how to measure” guide that corresponds with the dresses you have selected for them to make use of.

When will I receive my quote?

The week following our consultation we will email through a quote / confirmation of order, with any accompanying sketches, or other items requested at the time of the consultation.

Can I place my order immediately at the time of my consultation?

Yes! If you would like to on the spot place your order we can accomodate this too. No need to wait for your quote. Please request this at the consultation and we can supply you with an invoice and take payment at the end of your consultation and activate your order immediately!

How does payment work?

We accept cash in Studio, or EFT payments for orders placed. No deposit is required, but we do accept full payment at the time of confirming orders before commencing with dress manufacturing.

How long before my wedding must I order my Bridesmaids and Flower Girls dresses?

We ask for a minimum 8 week lead time from placing the order to collection so that we have enough time to source your ideal colours. We can do shorter notice orders, but our colour palette is then a bit more limited as it then must fall within our local colour stock. Please plan to order and collect dresses well in advance, as busy Brides have so much to do the week of the wedding that collecting dresses just adds to their “To Do” list!

What about fittings?

The majority of our dress styles do not require fittings, as we work off our standard styles and sizes, once we have measured the girls or received their measurements. In the instance that a fitting is by any chance required, we will contact you to arrange this.
Fittings take place at the Studio Mondays to Thursdays between 9am and 4.30pm and usually only take a few minutes so can be fitted in during a lunch break. Please note that any fittings needed cannot take place on a Saturday as these are reserved for new bridal party groups and weddings.

We hope this has been helpful to you? Any other questions you may have can of course be answered at the consultation!